Documentaries, Advertizing, Video-Games, Radio spots, etc. We have you covered.

What we do:

We don’t just record, we follow the text with you, ready to punch-in, edit, etc. We also adress extraneous mouth noises, lipsmack, off-breaths, etc for a spotless final render. Therefore always double or triple the assumed reading time for the post-recording process. Delivering pristine audio always helps.

Things to be mindful of:

When recording voice-overs, please do have a print-out ready of document to be read/acted. We can always print it out for you, if you only have it in digital format. This will help us save time with straight edits, and possible comping of multiple takes.

Please do specify which output format is required (Hz/bit), and the purpose of your recording. (TV, Radio, Web advert, etc.) Further vocal processing depends on that very information… If video/synchro, please bring or dropbox files prior.

We have an array of microphones at your disposal, from ubiquitous radio mics to old tube vintage rarities.

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