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Electric Lotus Music is different, it offers an "open" architecture, where the control room and the recording space is one and the same. When producing vocals and other sensitive session material, if offers spontaneity and urgency by rendering technical aspects of recording invisible.

Zero barrier between Tech and Creative. 

"What do you record with, what's your setup?"

Besides being the #1 question at Guitar Center, it’s what everyone obsesses about!!! We favor a strict analog front end (rare and expensive mics and pre-amps), then tracking to an IZ Corp Radar 6, offering are the most musical converters available. This machine allows for analog workflow with the convenience of digital, without the usual sonic complaints that old-timers have with Profools. To hear it is to believe it.

Our DAW of choice is Digital Performer, feel free to ask us why.

We also have a large collection of UAD plugins, and other top-notch digital goodies.

Everything is via Patchbay allocated. Mixing through a transparent X-former less 24ch/8sends/6 stereo subs/24 returns +2/2 Masters analog hand-made European board, hot-rodded over the years by the most competent techs. (headroom, PSU)

Monitoring through Dynaudio BM15A+Sub, and active Amphion Speakers.

Mixdown to a Burl B2. 

"An EP or Album is a big investment"

Yes, it is indeed. Although it only costs a fraction of what it used to (just think of what tape reels cost), it is still either a sacrifice, or an investment. No pain, no gain, and the industry is ruthless (we’re looking at you Spotify, Apple, and all you corpo-douches ripping off Artists.) 

Therefore it is paramount that your sessions are efficient, to make the most pleasurable experience from your endeavors. We highly recommend you look at pre-production packages, where we can help out iron kinks before they happen, tighten the songs at the source, and save studio time and frustration. It pays for itself twice over, and you’ll learn how to road-map your creations in new and creative ways. 

Files and content management

You’re the client, all files are yours to have the second they’re paid for. Please bring a hard drive, you’re welcome to get a data dump at the end of your session. Note that once the project is completed, it’s not the studio’s responsibility to be your data vault. Data is your property, not ours. 

We can always email you stuff after the facts via Filemail, but we charge time for that as we have better things to do when it can be avoided, so be smart, bring your own device, hard disks are much cheaper nowadays 🙂

Device recommendation: HFS or ExFat formatted, with enough gb of safe space.


“What if I haven’t paid my session yet, can I still have my files?”

– been down that road before, and the answer is no.

No Address given on site?

That’s right! As artisans, we dedicate 100% of our time to our clients; no ‘walk-ins’ to distract our sessions. For reference, we’re close to where the 51 meets the 101, not too far from Desert Ridge / MIM. 15 minutes from Downtown Phoenix. Of course, actual clients always get the address beforehand. Check out the Map page from the About drop-down for approximate location. 

How many audio engineers do it take to fix a light bulb?

We switched them all to L.E.D.s and now we’re blind. Price of freedom.

If you need to know more, please reach out.

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