Band Checklist

We put this page together as a check-list and crash-course for beginners, so they’re better prepared to sign reality checks.

Newbies, this is a MUST-READ. If you’ve already churned out 300 albums, READ IT AGAIN 😉 Any project worth doing draws resources and time.

In plain English :: “He who runs in circles bleeds his wallet.”

  • Parts rehearsed, everyone is pro.
  • Personal equipment and instruments in good disposition.
  • All tempos & Grooves settled
  • Music charted (no full score necessary, a simple solid road-map helps tremendously)
  • Lyrics polished, printed, and formated.
  • List of session musicians established, as per availability & budget

Secure blueprints for all upcoming sessions.

A proper pre-Prod can help you save quite a bundle…

You rehearse before shows? Same goes for studio.

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