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We offer the most musical solution for your capturing and editing needs. Vintage and rare gear, both analog & digital, on top of the usual workhorses… Get the best possible sound right at its source. contact us from the envelope (bottom left of your screen), let’s set up a tour.

All photos on the website are custom made here by our staff. Click here for more info regarding Video and Stills.

Simple, Musical, Elegant
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Comme je suis très con, j'ai besoin que chaque chose soit claire, nette, et précise. Voilà.
Catatouile in da house. We like to cook together after recording tracks,, he'll jump up and stay until service.
When Gannon busts out salty chocolate bells, tracking is nearly completed.
Had a little assistant to help me calibrate the gain input stage of each channel to the radar multitrack. Good times. His reaction to upcoming song mixes is priceless.
TLC for the #Rhodes. Those higher note tunings are such a 'pleasure' :)
Toys for everyone. Pour les enfants de 7 à 77 ans.
Calm before the storm
Made a friend last night outside the studio. Surprised it could survive there, rain brought it out....
Tell me you're at a ball game but not. Soon on stage.
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