Our prices are very reasonable for the quality of service rendered. All questions are welcome HERE.  As musicians, we fully understand Artistic projects can’t be well accomplished while staring at the clock. We thus have divided Rates between project based quoting and time based. We strive to deliver within logistics. The more shared about your endeavor, the better we may budget in your favour: contact us.

Project rates


  • Pre-Production (Charts, tidying up structures)
  • Session Artist planning/booking
  • Tracking / Prod
  • Editing – Post arrangements
  • Mastering and Sequencing.

Each project is unique, best to give an aproximation of cost, rather than a fixed damage. Whether you’re an acoustic trio, or whether you are a 10 piece band with horn section wouldn’t require the same work, fair is fair. Prices here reflect a  middle of the road Pop-Rock-format, with a medium level of production involvement, assuming Talent delivers performance within timely fashion with optimum result.


10-12 Songs. Details to be discussed, as per Talent’s desiderata. Contact us for detailed quote, included Session Artist budget, along signed work-for-Hire release forms. From Pre-prod to Mastering included.

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In the Digital Age, releasing a bit at a time can help stretch your spending over longer periods of time, and allow for strategized campaigns. 4 songs at a time is great for local bands, they can get ‘dirty’ without the stress of a Full length, and benefit the next time around from an acquired learning-curve. Details above apply

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Although more economical to get a few done at a time, we have come full-circle back to the Single’s era. One at a time, like in the old days. Quoted per day.

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Time Rates

All rates include a competent engineer. All instruments/equipment on site is available for your session. Anything you want to do is fair game! No hidden costs.

  • Includes Engineer
  • Quick in/out
  • Use ANY gear on sight
  • Overtime fee
  • 8 solid hours
  • +1Hr cumulative breaks.
  • 8-5, 9-6, 10-7
  • Pick your schedule.
  • Tell us more
  • > 3 full days

Hi-Resolution quality Photography of session FREE for any Daily booking


  • Sequencing
  • CD-Text
  • ISRC implementation
  • DDP compatible
  • Audio repairs/restauration
  • Loudness matching

$80/ Song – $680/Album


  • Cash
  • Personal Check
  • Paypal
  • Zelle

Payment fully clears prior to document, media, and/or any other form of studio release. Invoices adjusted for 3rd party processing. 1/3 deposit, 24 hours cancellation period.

Studio is only responsible for project’s data integrity WHILE ongoing. Once files have been delivered and approved, Client is responsible for data upkeep. BACK YOUR STUFF UP ON YOUR OWN DRIVES. It is your project!