Electric Lotus Music is different, it offers an “open” architecture, where the control room and the recording space is one and the same. When producing vocals and other sensitive session material, if offers spontaneity and urgency by rendering technical aspects of recording invisible.

No psychological barriers between Tech and Creative. An open mind yields an open sounding product.

Enhanced Communication


What do you record with, what's your setup?

Besides being the #1 question at Guitar Center, it’s what everyone obsesses about. Never an existential question about the craft. And that’s okay…

We favor a strict analog front end (rare and expensive mics and pre-amps), then tracking to an IZ Corp Radar 6. These Nyquist converters are the most musical available. This machine allows for analog workflow, yet with the convenience of digital, without the usual sonic complaints that old-timers have with Profools. Radar allows for quick and easy export to any DAW, up to 96kHz/24 bit per channel. To hear it is to believe it, most think it’s a 2″ tape machine.

Everything is via Patchbay allocated. Mixing through a transparent X-former less 24ch/8sends/6 stereo subs/24 returns +2/2 Masters analog hand-made European board, hot-rodded over the years by the most competent techs. (headroom, PSU)

If you need to know more, please reach us.

We may dropbox, mail, or email you files at any parameter desired.

RADAR systems are the premier choice for multi-track recording and playback in some of the finest recording studios, scoring stages, theatres, and post-production houses around the world. Legendary musicians and producers record on RADAR because of its cutting-edge technology, rock-solid reliability, customization capability and, of course, the sound quality it delivers. When you record on RADAR, you’re 100% focused on sound.

20 years of industry recognition. Simplicity in design & controls. Built to last & not need rebootsPlug-and-play file transfers (SD card, USB drive, SSD, etc.) Modular components allow for future add-on. Seamless integration with other systems