If you are a newbie to the process, this is a MUST-READ.

Any project worth doing draws resources and time. Efficiency is of the essence for the utmost pleasant experience, whilst accomplishing dreams into reality.

In plain English :: “Don’t go in circles, get it right from the top, or it’ll cost you!”

That means getting your act together, knowing what you’re going to record/produce, and how you’ll be doing it, and keeping a tight schedule.

We are all striving for Artistic bliss, with enough room for spontaneity and magic; Serendipity manifests herself best when::

— Music is charted (no full score necessary, but a solid road-map helps tremendously)

— Lyrics are polished, printed, and formated.

— List of session musicians is drafted, as per availability and budget

— goals and expectations are clearly labeled and agreed upon.

— Prepping Artist(s) prior to recording for time saving.

So BEFORE recording, assure a blueprint for all upcoming sessions.

A proper pre-Prod can help you save quite a bundle…


You rehearsed before a show???? For the same reasons, come prepared to your recordings!