Almost there. You’ve avoided (maybe) a few nervous breakdown, ruined relationships, and lost/gained 35 lbs to finish this body of work… and now what…. Mastering?

– You bet !


Mastering not only provides coherence, homogeneity, lustre, and shine to your mixes, it also ‘packages’ audio for optimal rendering (Web video, CD Album, Radio single, Vinyl, etc). A good mastering engineer enhances musical depth of field, width and loudness perception without signal degradation.

This is not a luxury, it’s a very vital part of the process! Skipping this step only hurts you, when  compared to a mastered professional product. Aim for success.

You will be given 2 reference CDs. If the ref CD was approved by you after a ‘car test’, any further tweaking shall incur a $50 charge if under an hour-ish.
Once final Master approved, we will either print you a Master, or deal directly with your pressing plant of choice (included in Album Mastering rates)


    • CD-Text


    • MetaData


    • ISRC


    • Loudness Match (LUFS, or integrated)


    • Object Oriented Mastering


    • High Resolution 96Khz/24


    • Transparent Down Conversion


    • Alias Free


    • Trims/Edits


    • Artifact removal


  • Pressing Plant follow-up and uploads


    • Album (10-12 songs) = $720


    • Ep (4-6 songs) = $400


  • Per Song = $80


– Albums produced on location get a $100 discount; EP’s get a $50 rebate –

We pride ourselves on quality, and always go for the extra mile. Less songs means more time per song. Trust method by result.